The Role of OOH advertising in India’s Smart City Dream

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India is growing like never before riding on the renewed energy offered by its able and young workforce. Showing rapid growth over the past decade, India, as a country has transformed rapidly- the change visible on its urban landscape. With the announcement of Smart Cities Mission by Govt. of India, there has been massive excitement about the future of OOH advertising in India.

    OOH Advertising: The Digital Growth Spur

    Everything nowadays is becoming increasingly digital. From smart homes to smart cars now the shift is visible in the form of smart city projects all over the globe. Outdoor advertising agencies have been increasingly improving their proposition to align themselves with smart aspirations of their clients.

    Digital out-of-home advertising is rapidly growing as a concept and has a big role to play in the Indian Smart City Mission. Digital out-of-home advertising along with providing information and facilitating communication will serve as a major medium for brand advertising in years to come.

    How OOH Advertising will Fuel Indian Smart Ambition?

    Smart cities offer a great evolution opportunity for OOH advertiser and advertising agencies in Ahmedabad & all of India. As the best outdoor advertising agencies have access to prime assets in the city with maximum visibility, these can be used by government agencies to communicate with smart citizens without added financial burden.

    On top of it, top advertising agencies can make use of their hoarding space to monitor air quality, collect valuable location data apart from other metrics that can be useful for all the stakeholders. While this means better information sharing with the government, it would mean measurable results for advertisers as everything will be connected via smart networks.

    Real life OOH use cases in Smart Cities

    Smart cities require smart traffic management solutions, parking management and information sharing kiosks to empower its citizens. Apart from these, there are a host of other things a smart city should promise for a sustainable living environment.

    With the help of digital OOH advertising, all this can be easily promised. Digital OOH advertising panels can share important updates with city dwellers and at the same time can bring visibility to a brand.

    When Ahmedabad introduced India’s first Intelligent Transport System in 2017, it included digital variable messaging signboards and digital information hoarding that offered everyone important traffic updates.Outdoor advertising companies in Ahmedabad took this as an opportunity to upgrade their OOH arsenal by providing solutions for digital billboard advertising and allied solutions to advertisers. Digital OOH offers better visibility at low costs by eliminating the need for manually updating information on hoardings and billboards. Here are some of the ways that digital OOH can be used in smart cities:

  • Intelligent Advertising Unipoles with Scrolling Digital Displays
  • Digital Signage on City Bus Stands Informing about Bus Schedules & Advertisements
  • Revolving digital displays to broaden the visibility
  • Digital information sharing kiosks inside public facilities
  • The possibilities and scope of OOH advertising inside a smart city are limitless. In fact, OOH advertising ecosystem and smart city administration are in a symbiotic and mutually-benefitting relationship. While OOH advertising agencies will provide access to smart spots, the administration will give advertising agencies spots to promote their client’s products and services. In a way, it can be said that smart cities will grow on a PPP model where outdoor advertising agencies and civic bodies work together.

    At Chitra OOH, we are committed to bringing the best in OOH advertising for our clients to help them be promotion ready for Indian smart city landscape. If you are planning to explore digital promotion options in upcoming smart city projects in Gujarat, get in touch now.